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Your stories, your legacy
Record life stories before they're lost
Would you like to record your life story, or the story of someone you love?
Our stories are among the most important gifts we can leave loved ones. They carry our hopes and fears, our values and experiences, our struggles, victories, and hard-won lessons.​​

When we tell our own stories, we leave a legacy for future generations. When we preserve our parents' stories, we honour their lives. But if we don't record these precious stories, they risk being lost forever.
Not sure where to begin?
Preserve the past for future generations. Offering memoir services and consultation for residents of Vancouver Island and beyond.
Writing a life story or family history can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. As a personal historian, I can take you through the entire process, from recording interviews, to transcribing, organizing and editing your words, to presenting you with copies of your finished book. The experience can be both enjoyable and rewarding. 

If you've already started writing your life story but need help to continue, I also provide editing and consulting services.

Your Words, Your Story
Whether you'd like to commemorate a special event or record your entire life story; whether you're starting from the beginning or are already underway, I can help you complete your project.

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  1. Memoirs are a bridge between the past and the future
    Preserve the past
    Connect children and grandchildren with their family history
  2. Memoirs celebrate special occasions
    Honour parents
    Celebrate the lives, wisdom and accomplishments of loved ones
  3. Memoirs honor our parents' lives
    Leave a legacy
    Share your experiences with future generations